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Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Chinese ordinary book, etc. ( Project Number:JG2017-064) Winning announcement  
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Add emergency lights and safety export logo lights in the art museum、 Evacuation indicator light equipment purchase and An...  
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Medical Examination Service Project ( Project Number:HGGP-2017-A-0064) Transaction Announcement  
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts2017 Nian Campus Network Export Bandwidth Service Project ( Project Number:HGGP-2017-A-0066)...  
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Purchasing Boutique Class Broadcasting Classroom Project ( Project Number:HZ17-269-111A) Public bidding public...  

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Diwei Road First Student Apartment Apartment Heating Reconstruction Project ( Project Number:YHZB2016-S-101)...  
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts2016 Annual Repair Reconstruction Project ( Project Number:YHZB2016-S-089) Competitive consultation public...  
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