Tours 4u

Tour Highlights

Meetup Geldersekade 17

Stop 1 The oldest house in Amsterdam
Stop 2 Dam Square
Stop 3 House of the legendary Trip Brothers
Stop 4 The Dutch theatre
Stop 5 The romantic Skinny Bridge
Stop 6 The bloody history house
Stop 7 Best cookie of your life
Stop 8 The hidden Begijnhof
Stop 9 Torensluis
Stop 10 Homo monument
Stop 11 Westerkerk
Stop 12 The famous Jordaan neighborhood

Final stop  Central Station



Departure time

At your own request



Group Size

Minimum 6 people. The tour will take place, only in case you are a group of 6 or more participants



Price – 17.50 Euro

per person, bicycle price included

Experiencing Life Amsterdam Style

At Biketour4u, we provide the perfect opportunity to experience life in Amsterdam, revealing its true colors as they shine in their full natural glory.


When in Netherland, do like the Dutch do. The people of Amsterdam have a passion for biking and the city has more bikes than people. Bikes are the perfect way to experience the scenes and sights of the city in Amsterdam style.


Biketour4u offers tours on bikes to explore Amsterdam and its life. Our customized and personalized bike tours give the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the soul of the city. Accompanying you on the tours will be a local guide who will know every nook and corner of the city like the back of their hands.


On the tour, the guides share their love for the city and its different aspects while lime lighting the history, culture and legacy of Amsterdam. Get accustomed to the local lifestyle as you ride by residences and office establishment with people going about their daily routines.


The tour takes you across different districts of the city that house monumental buildings having unique and vivid architecture. Soak in the sights while a native of the land guides you around the city. Get to know local rivers, visit the museums and the churches as you ride along to satisfy your wanderlust. Vintage buildings such as St. Andrews Gate, Oude Kerk, Basilica of St. Nicholas, give an insight into the rich architectural heritage of the city as you pass by them. Get a glimpse at the street markets of Nieuwmarkt square and Noordermarkt and the prominent eateries and restaurants dishing delectable and luscious local cuisine that you may visit after the tour.


Cycle on the biking lanes spanning throughout Amsterdam and take in the picturesque and serene canals from medieval and colonial era dotting their sides. The guides are well versed with different aspects of the city. Let them know your interests and fascinations and the tour will be fully personalized to your needs. Just get ready to be intrigued by the amazing experiences.


A bike tour with us  takes three hours and accustoms a person to the various places of interests around the city. Besides providing bikes for the tour, we also rent bikes to tourists for travelling around the city on their own.


For reservations and info please contact us via: or +31 (6) 21 52 84 36.



Our Tour Guides Say Hello!

Amsterdam has been flowing  through my veins for 22 years and with every single heartbeat I love this city more and more. I am eager to bring this specific love to you and with my enthusiasm I am sure that this will work. Hey! My name is Jan and since I have been a child  my father(he is a historian) has told me every untold secret of Amsterdam he knows. With this knowledge I can show you all the hidden gems in Amsterdam. If you have any requests for the tour do not hesitate to let me know!
Hey! I am an 18 years old young man called Jip Verkerk. I am a second year math student and in love with soccer and traveling. A few years ago I realized that I was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. From that moment on I want to help other people see the best of Amsterdam and now I have this amazing opportunity to do so! When I am traveling I want to see the cities and landscapes like a  local.  Let me be your local in Amsterdam!
Hoi! My name is Michel. I am born and raised in the biggest “village” of the world, known as Amsterdam. Besides just living in Amsterdam, I am also a human geography and urban planning student at the University of Amsterdam. Therefore I know a lot about the different kinds of neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. I really love my city due to the fact that there is so much to see and to discover. I am able to bring you to all kinds of places within and around Amsterdam, from the touristic hotspots to the more secret treasures. Do you want to know more about the history of Amsterdam, its neighbourhoods, its urban planning and architecture or even its cuisine? Than you should choose me as your tour guide. We will discover Amsterdam together and  I’ll make sure you won’t miss a single thing! I hope to see you soon.
Hey there, I am Thomas. I am a 22 year old student at the university of Amsterdam I was born and raised in the old center of Amsterdam. I know Amsterdam like the back of my hand. Every hidden gem, every local bar and every sight. My favourite aspect of Amsterdam isn’t specifically the romantic lights in the night that illuminate the dark canals, or the centuries old buildings which shows Amsterdam’s glorious history.
My favourite aspect is the huge contrast you can find over here. Not only the cultural diversity but also social differences. In my tours I will show you the famous sights, but also my Amsterdam, the local places and why I find it the most beautiful city in the world. I am looking forward to meet you.
Hello my name is Sam and I study history at the university of Amsterdam. I was born and raised here and I really love this city. The main reasons I love Amsterdam are the very friendly, open and diverse people who live here, the historical buildings and the many things it has to offer. I’m excited to show you all the remarkable histories Amsterdam has. And believe me, there is a lot to tell and show. Even I learn new things about Amsterdam now and then! I’m very flexible and so are my tours, so let me know if you have any kind of special wishes. Hopefully you’ll love Amsterdam just as much as I do after the tour and your visit to Amsterdam.